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I sketched my Makerbot yesterday.I have used it in several design projects, design experiments, and even 3D printed little toys for my friends’ kids.

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My TEDxPortofSpain Talk on the importance of Making, Craft, Computation, and Culture .

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Hello All!

I have been scarce, but only because I have been busy. And I think I am learning… I think I am understanding stuff and I am encouraged and happy about this. I will post for you something I did using the Kinect. Possible uses and applications of the Kinect fascinate me so I wanted to use it. I began by reading and rewriting code for understanding from the book – Making Things See. I started with their exercise on drawing an imaginary cube in space, which would increase in opacity based on increasing the point clouds – as I touch the box.

vernelle noel, programming, kinect, form-making

You can see my video and you can get the code here:


Github –

I then played some more with the code. Here’s a video of my final work. There are things I still need to fix and make modular, but, bit by bit. This was done weeks ago. I am doing data visualization now and will show you all some stuff soon.

When I did this it was carnival back home (Feb 16 & 17th). While everyone was in the sun having fun, I had to pretend I was there. Here I am manipulating the vertices of my shape while I move to Machel Montano’s – Like Ah Boss.


Github –






 My friend took me to Veni Mangé in Port of Spain, Trinidad last week for lunch. Here was my experience. Sign paying homage to Allyson Hennessy above.

“Veni Mangé came into existence in December 1980. The name Veni Mangé is French Patois for ‘Come & Eat’ Now located on the popular Ariapita Avenue, the restaurant is housed in old Colonial home, clay colored with demerara windows, local art, tropical plants, colorful décor and overhead ceiling fans. It epitomises Caribbean ambiance. Veni Mangé is run by sisters, Allyson Hennessy (deceased – pictured above), a Cordon Bleu Chef and sister, Roses Hezekiah.” – from Veni Mange website.

We were warmly greeted by Roses (I think it was Roses) who was the epitome of the Caribbean woman, beautiful, warm, felt like family, and a beautiful smile. She escorted us to our seats, asking us where we preferred and opening the windows for us to enjoy the breeze.


 Coconut Bake

Before placing your order you are greeted by beautiful and delicious coconut bake! This is a Trinbagonian past-time. It was and still is one of the most comforting things for me to eat when I come home to Trinidad. My grandmother’s coconut bake was unforgettable. In addition to the bake looking so inviting, I loved the checkered towel it was placed in. Oh so homey!


I ordered grilled shrimp in chadon bene sauce (chadon bene is a family to cilantro) and my friend ordered the West Indian stewed beef with dumplings. Our entrees were served with (pictured above) bhagi rice (from top left), potato salad and fried plantains, vegetables (which was really pak choi) and red beans. Oh it was a feast!!!!!!!!!!! It looked and smelled sooooooooooo good! But the pièce de résistance was about to arrive..


Close up of the bhagi rice


Potato salad and fried plantains


Stewed red beans


Pak choi

Now for the entrees…


Stewed beef with dumplings. Five-finger a.k.a star fruit a.k.a carambola for decoration.


Another view with some watercress too.


This was my baby, my darling, just looking at this and my mouth is watering again…grilled shrimp in chadon bene sauce


Now, if memory serves me right the menu said “grilled shrimp.” I didn’t taste the grill on the shrimp, BUT the shrimps was one of the most delicious tasting shrimps I have ever had! It tasted like a chadon bene ceviche or a shrimp chow! BEST THING EVER!!


Another view! I ate my sides and left the majority of my shrimp for last.


We left room for dessert. I had the rum trifle and my friend had the prune dessert with custard (I can’t remember the name).


Inside the run trifle


A closer view of inside the rum trifle.


The prune dessert


Inside the prune dessert

 The desserts were great! If I were Veni Mangé however I would place the trifle in a clear glass or bowl. The beauty of a trifle lies not just in its taste, but also in its layers. Glass dish – yes. I would also put a lighter layer of custard atop. The entire thing was a little too sweet and I felt the custard overwhelmed the delicious fruits and cake below a bit. I would do the same for the prune dessert. They were both great however. Now for the decor…


The brightly colored furniture, windows, ceiling fans, demerara windows, colorful artwork depicting Caribbean life and Caribbean people. The seat covers are reminiscent of  the dresses worn by bélé dancers in the Caribbean.


Brightly colored furniture and jalousie windows (with louvers).


The artwork and plants…


A close up of the painted table top and beautiful tile


More of the interior





 White painted ceiling, demerara windows, wooden floor and furniture at the bar


A wall of famous Trinidadians


Demerara windows


View of Veni Mangé from the outside


Exterior sign

I thank Rose and the young lady who waited on my friend and I. This was fantastic! The food was some of the best I have ever tasted. The service was PERFECT! I felt comfortable, they kept asking us if everything was alright and if we wanted anything else. I am a sucker for fantastic service and they gave it to us, all with that beautiful Caribbean smile and warmth.

  1. Food – GREAT
  2. Service – GREAT
  3. Ambiance – GREAT

Here’s a ink to the restaurant –

Have a great one!

Thinking Insomniac.

Sagicor, POS, Trinidad-sm

6” x 8.5” Pen, ink,  and Sharpie in Ryman sketchbook

I am in Trinidad for a few days and I felt the nostalgia of my time sketching the wonderful buildings in Port of Spain. I passed by the Sagicor Building and wanted to sketch it again. It’s a beauty!

Thinking Insomniac




My sketch of the Singapore Waterfront… and happy Chinese New Year to my friends and family! Here are some photos of the installations in Chinatown, Singapore below.














Have a great day!

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ArtScience museum singapore

Last weekend my friend and I spent the day sketching like I mentioned in my previous post. It took me a while to post this because I needed to get my grey markers for my shadows and shades. I have them now and so my sketches can do what they do.

Designed by Safdie Architects and completed in 2011, the ArtScience Museum of Singapore is a lotus-shaped beauty that hovers on the bay. I remember the first time I came to Singapore. I was in a taxi heading from the airport, eyes peeled and trying to soak in all I possibly could. I saw this strange, white form that I was only able to get glimpses of before it disappeared out of my sight. The cab driver was nice enough to point out sights of Singapore and told me of the lotus building. It is also quite beautiful inside. I will find my pictures from my visit last year and post some of them for you.

“The building form is made up of 10 “fingers” anchored by a unique round base in the middle. The design of each finger reveals different gallery spaces featuring skylights at the “fingertips” that illuminate the dramatically curved interior walls. The Museum’s roof channels rainwater through the central atrium of the building creating a 35-meter water drop into a small, reflecting pool. The rainwater is then recycled for use in the building.”

marina sands bay, singapore,

I took this photo out using the “super vivid” setting on my camera. The colors are definitely vivid if I might say so myself. Here are a few links you can check out too:

Stay tuned for more sketches of this location, but what and where should I sketch next? Any suggestions?

Have a great day!

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VNoel-Thesis submission

Photo taken with theses before handing them over to the Department of Architecture here at MIT

It’s been soooo long! A lot has happened… and it’s been moving very quickly so hold on tight.. 😉

1. I submitted my Masters Thesis to MIT!!!!

My thesis was entitled “Trinidad Carnival: Improving Design through Computation and Digital Technology”. In it I argued that computation could contribute to design in the Trinidad Carnival by (1) addressing the dying art of wire bending, (2) improving design, and (3) fostering a more inclusive design process. The Carnival of Trinidad has spawned more than 70 carnivals globally. It is the most copied, yet most understudied carnival in the world. My thesis fills a gap in current literature by taking a computational and design perspective to this phenomenon.

2. While writing my thesis, I was simultaneously a Program Assistant for MIT’s Summer Research Program. This was so rewarding words can’t describe! I miss my interns.

3. I said “see you later” and spent time with some of my many favorite friends, family, and professors. Here’s one of the coolest cats I know, Marty Demaine. See you soon Marty!

marty demaine

4. I bid MIT farewell…Well done MIT, well done! You made me drink water from a fire hose… but it has shaped me into what I am 2 years later..


So my summer thus far has been filled with accomplishments, rewarding activities, and last but my no means least, I left the US to return to Singapore!!! I arrived a few days ago, so… stay tuned for more!


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caribbean skyThis is a photo of the beautiful Caribbean sky…

pan tentThe entire country is getting ready for Carnival… I visited a pan tent in this photo. Later this evening the practice sessions will begin.

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Happy New Year to each and every one of you!!!!

I have missed you and missed documenting my days. I was unable to complete my Singploration with you all, and this semester was just CRAZY! I missed doing this a lot! My cousin mentioned to me this holiday about Project 365. That is, taking one photo per day in your life. I thought it may be a happy medium for me as my semester will be crazy again. I may not post just one photo, but maybe limit myself to 5 photos per day, should one photo not do me justice on a particular day. So here goes…

Again, I missed doing this and I missed you all!


I went home (Trinidad) this Christmas vacation to do field research for my thesis. I spent Old Years Day (what some call New Years Eve) with my family. The photo above is that of the garden behind my family home. So lush, so green. Sugarcane, mangoes, cherries.

the line

The street in front our home. So well manicured, clean, and green…


My cousin’s dog, Spot! This was my first time meeting him. Isn’t he a beaut! He was quick to lay down to have his stomach rubbed.. looking at me with those come-hither eyes, and an irresistible nose…


“I think I’m in love”.. LOL


My other cousin’s dog, Squingy. Do not ask me about his name, my uncle named him.. These doggies (googies) just love tummy rubs! Look at him! While I am balancing on one leg he is smiling in glee..


“Oh that was goooood!!” He says to me.

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