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My dog nieces. Peanut on the left, Biscuit on the right.

Is she cute or what?!!

Julie mangoes

I’m bathing everyone today (the adult doggies). Biscuit seems ready!

Oh yeah, she is.

Biscuit and her mom (Abby)

Abby aka Bubbaz (on he right) is the sweetest

Biscuit doesn’t look too pleased about the bath

Oh yeah! She’s happy about it. Telling her mom how great it was!

Abby after her bath

Mummy and daughter are happy!

“You smell so much better mom!!”

Play time!

“Aunty Peanut my bath was great!”

Shaking after her bath

My favorite cakes!

Bay leaves. I love Bay leaves!

Aunty watching her nephews and niece (Peanut’s pups)

Brunch with friends

A lovely piece of artwork

Around the Queen’s Park Savannah

Queen’s Park Savannah

Botanical Gardens

President’s House under renovation

Atlanta, friends, and puppies!!

Dining Hall at Georgia Tech.

My dog-niece puppies. I’ve waited for weeks to see them! Finally!!

Mummy (dog-niece). Her name is Peanut

A family affair! Fun!

Took the train from Shanghai to Beijing. Architecture, and Food. Forbidden City, The Great Wall, Tianamen Square etc.

On the train to Beijing

Arrived in Beijing

Koi – the sweetest fish ever. They’re like puppies.

Hutongs in Beijing

Forbidden City begins…


We had great food here!

Cable car to Great Wall


There she is..

Isn’t he cute?!!!! Look at that nose…and his teeth…and his eyes..

One of the most beautiful bookstores I’ve ever been to.

Black cylinder… opposite..

White box.

Tianamen Square

Cat at our hostel

En route to the airport, a car hit my driver. Here they are trying to negotiate.

The guy wanted to give my driver less money than he thought fair.


A trip to Shanghai, China with my students for a Construction Competition. Great architecture and great food!

RMB aka yen

Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

Scaled model of Shanghai

Shanghai Museum

Yu Garden