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thinking insomniac

My brain never stops…

My name is VERNELLE A. A. NOEL. I am a trained Architect, Designer and Researcher whose work currently focuses on computational tools, craft, digital technology, and cultural sustainability in the context of design. I love the company of storytellers, designers, and believe strongly in sharing knowledge. I have lived and worked in the Caribbean, the USA, India, Singapore, back-packed throughout Europe, and met some of the most amazing and memorable people on the face of this earth.

I received my Bachelor of Architecture degree (B.Arch) from Howard University and my Masters of Science in Architecture Studies (SMArchS) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MITwhere I focused on Design + Computation.

My current work bridges craft, computation, and digital technology.

I’m also the founder of Architecture Caribbean.

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  1. Brian Oliver says:

    I found your site today when I was doing research for the online classes I teach to high school students. I’m posting a link to your blog and flickr page for the students to come visit. It is very inspiring to see all of your sketches. I especially love the visual recipe idea.

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