New Podcast – The Interesting

Posted: August 7, 2018 in 2018, Change the World, Design & Computation, Life, MIT

It continues to be my desire to encourage and motivate others (both young and old) to do the best they can. To engage in hard work, and to ACT. I often encounter persons (young and old) who feel lost, who are unaware of the many amazing things they can do in their lives, who feel held back, who are scared to fail and/ or scared to try. Who seem scared of hard work, or are unaware of what hard work really looks like. Persons who say, but never do. I wanted to do something about this. I wanted to ACT, to reach persons beyond the classroom, beyond my papers, beyond borders. I wanted to find a way to jump over the academic paywall and give back. To share. So, I decided to make a podcast. I call it – The Interesting. I reached out to some of my amazing friends who continue to do inspiring things!

In this first season, I chat with my guests about “Crafting knowledge, skill, and expertise.” I hope they inspire you, and persons you know too. Hope you enjoy!

Here’s a link to The Interesting –

Link on Google Play >>>

Link on Pocket Casts >>> 

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