ArtScience museum singapore

Last weekend my friend and I spent the day sketching like I mentioned in my previous post. It took me a while to post this because I needed to get my grey markers for my shadows and shades. I have them now and so my sketches can do what they do.

Designed by Safdie Architects and completed in 2011, the ArtScience Museum of Singapore is a lotus-shaped beauty that hovers on the bay. I remember the first time I came to Singapore. I was in a taxi heading from the airport, eyes peeled and trying to soak in all I possibly could. I saw this strange, white form that I was only able to get glimpses of before it disappeared out of my sight. The cab driver was nice enough to point out sights of Singapore and told me of the lotus building. It is also quite beautiful inside. I will find my pictures from my visit last year and post some of them for you.

“The building form is made up of 10 “fingers” anchored by a unique round base in the middle. The design of each finger reveals different gallery spaces featuring skylights at the “fingertips” that illuminate the dramatically curved interior walls. The Museum’s roof channels rainwater through the central atrium of the building creating a 35-meter water drop into a small, reflecting pool. The rainwater is then recycled for use in the building.”

marina sands bay, singapore,

I took this photo out using the “super vivid” setting on my camera. The colors are definitely vivid if I might say so myself. Here are a few links you can check out too:

Stay tuned for more sketches of this location, but what and where should I sketch next? Any suggestions?

Have a great day!

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