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Happy New Year to each and every one of you!!!!

I have missed you and missed documenting my days. I was unable to complete my Singploration with you all, and this semester was just CRAZY! I missed doing this a lot! My cousin mentioned to me this holiday about Project 365. That is, taking one photo per day in your life. I thought it may be a happy medium for me as my semester will be crazy again. I may not post just one photo, but maybe limit myself to 5 photos per day, should one photo not do me justice on a particular day. So here goes…

Again, I missed doing this and I missed you all!


I went home (Trinidad) this Christmas vacation to do field research for my thesis. I spent Old Years Day (what some call New Years Eve) with my family. The photo above is that of the garden behind my family home. So lush, so green. Sugarcane, mangoes, cherries.

the line

The street in front our home. So well manicured, clean, and green…


My cousin’s dog, Spot! This was my first time meeting him. Isn’t he a beaut! He was quick to lay down to have his stomach rubbed.. looking at me with those come-hither eyes, and an irresistible nose…


“I think I’m in love”.. LOL


My other cousin’s dog, Squingy. Do not ask me about his name, my uncle named him.. These doggies (googies) just love tummy rubs! Look at him! While I am balancing on one leg he is smiling in glee..


“Oh that was goooood!!” He says to me.

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