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VNoel-Thesis submission

Photo taken with theses before handing them over to the Department of Architecture here at MIT

It’s been soooo long! A lot has happened… and it’s been moving very quickly so hold on tight.. 😉

1. I submitted my Masters Thesis to MIT!!!!

My thesis was entitled “Trinidad Carnival: Improving Design through Computation and Digital Technology”. In it I argued that computation could contribute to design in the Trinidad Carnival by (1) addressing the dying art of wire bending, (2) improving design, and (3) fostering a more inclusive design process. The Carnival of Trinidad has spawned more than 70 carnivals globally. It is the most copied, yet most understudied carnival in the world. My thesis fills a gap in current literature by taking a computational and design perspective to this phenomenon.

2. While writing my thesis, I was simultaneously a Program Assistant for MIT’s Summer Research Program. This was so rewarding words can’t describe! I miss my interns.

3. I said “see you later” and spent time with some of my many favorite friends, family, and professors. Here’s one of the coolest cats I know, Marty Demaine. See you soon Marty!

marty demaine

4. I bid MIT farewell…Well done MIT, well done! You made me drink water from a fire hose… but it has shaped me into what I am 2 years later..


So my summer thus far has been filled with accomplishments, rewarding activities, and last but my no means least, I left the US to return to Singapore!!! I arrived a few days ago, so… stay tuned for more!


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