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No, I’m not the one flying… I would like to see or sit in a cockpit on day though.


I sketched my Makerbot yesterday.I have used it in several design projects, design experiments, and even 3D printed little toys for my friends’ kids.

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My TEDxPortofSpain Talk on the importance of Making, Craft, Computation, and Culture .

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Our thoughts and prayers are with you..


Creativity is essential…
Embrace it. Develop it. Exercise it.


Prepare, prepare, prepare.
Train, train, train.

Prepare and train for what you want. Should it, or let me say WHEN it shows up, you will be ready. In any form of athletic training, when you skip training day, your body reminds you. Your mind starts to make you think you are tired, or that you can skip another session. Fight that urge, mentally pack your gear and go to training. Should a tournament show up, you are already ready.


Of course it’s difficult. But it is important, so I will keep doing it, until it becomes easy.

I don’t ascribe to describing something as difficult or easy, since that depends on each person’s own perspective. If I have years of experience or familiarity with an area, it might be easier for me than someone who is completely unfamiliar.

But, my main thought here is that with persistence, determination, and consistent work…10,000 hours… It will become more familiar to you. If it’s important to you, it will eventually become easy.

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Do it!


Have Passion!

Let’s have a great start to a great week!


It’s been one year since I did this piece. Don’t stop. Keep imagining!
And keep doing.