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Sagicor, POS, Trinidad-sm

6” x 8.5” Pen, ink,  and Sharpie in Ryman sketchbook

I am in Trinidad for a few days and I felt the nostalgia of my time sketching the wonderful buildings in Port of Spain. I passed by the Sagicor Building and wanted to sketch it again. It’s a beauty!

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Sagicor Building in Port of Spain, Trinidad

6” x 8.5” Pen, ink,  and Sharpie in Ryman sketchbook

I did this sketch of the Sagicor Building around the Queen’s Park Savannah in Port of Spain, Trinidad yesterday. If memory serves me right this building did not have ACP Panels on its facade years ago. How recent this was done, I do not know, but it looks good. The building has always been a place of note in Port of Spain, a landmark.

Last night I spoke with my friend (and family) Bob for the first time in months…and I am just happy! Happy for his perseverance, hard work, and determination. He has contributed to the person I am today…and the source of some of the heartiest laughs I have had in my life. A man with admirable integrity, and a gifted story-teller. If heaven is filled with people like him, the angels are partying everyday. Cheers to you Bob, for not giving up despite the many challenges and obstacles.

Enjoy your day everyone… and here’s to not giving up.. Hip Hip.. Hooray!!!

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