Hello All!

I have been scarce, but only because I have been busy. And I think I am learning… I think I am understanding stuff and I am encouraged and happy about this. I will post for you something I did using the Kinect. Possible uses and applications of the Kinect fascinate me so I wanted to use it. I began by reading and rewriting code for understanding from the book – Making Things See. I started with their exercise on drawing an imaginary cube in space, which would increase in opacity based on increasing the point clouds – as I touch the box.

vernelle noel, programming, kinect, form-making

You can see my video and you can get the code here:

URL – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmVF05Zs-uo&feature=youtu.be

Github – https://github.com/vernellenoel/Algorithmic_Tectonics/blob/master/PracticeCoding/box_in_scene_touched/box_in_scene_touched.pde

I then played some more with the code. Here’s a video of my final work. There are things I still need to fix and make modular, but, bit by bit. This was done weeks ago. I am doing data visualization now and will show you all some stuff soon.

When I did this it was carnival back home (Feb 16 & 17th). While everyone was in the sun having fun, I had to pretend I was there. Here I am manipulating the vertices of my shape while I move to Machel Montano’s – Like Ah Boss.

URL – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sMsm1jiln5c&feature=youtu.be

Github – https://github.com/vernellenoel/Algorithmic_Tectonics/blob/master/PracticeCoding/1501215/box_in_scene_touched_dist_test02_pde/box_in_scene_touched_dist_test02_pde.pde





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