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No, I’m not the one flying… I would like to see or sit in a cockpit on day though.

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Flight to Barbados

I did this sketch while en route to Barbados last week. Did I tell you what a great trip it was?!! I sat in the second row and had my drawing tools with me as usual. I was looking forward to this trip just so I could draw this illustration too…

I have added a few photos from my trip.. and may add more as time goes by (I have soooooooo many photos). You are more than welcome to look at them on Flickr.

St. Lawrence Gap, Barbados, thinking insomniac, vernelle noel

Beach at St. Lawrence Gap, Barbados

Codrington College, Barbados, thinking insomniac, vernelle noel

Codrington College, Barbados

To my friend AH who took the time to drive me all around the island, I say thank you!

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