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Old Post Office - Washington, DC

I did this drawing of the Old Post Office building in Washington, DC in Summer 2003. I make negatives of my drawings and will  post some of them for you. I think they look pretty cool.

This was done during my first summer in DC…the beginning of one of the best relationships in my life. You know of my deep love for this beautiful city. I was drawing and photographing everything left, right, and center. The following summer I went to New York, bought a bicycle, came back on the bus with my bicycle and rode everywhere in the wind, rain and snow. I didn’t care. I was in love with it all…and I still am.

The Old Post Office Tower soars to 315 feet, making it third in height among the buildings of the Nation’s Capital. The 270-foot observation level allows visitors an awe-inspiring view of the city and the area. Here also are the century old tower clock and the Bells of Congress. The latter were a Bicentennial gift from the Ditchley Foundation in England. (

Here are some informative links about the Old Post Office:

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Hope you enjoy!

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