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One a Day (OAD)!

Ok… so from today I try to stick to my plan to document my day, and stick to choosing ONE photo. Just one. This will be challenging. What do I do if nothing exciting happens during my day? What if I have too many exciting things? let’s see how I deal with this. Maybe this constraint will lead to a creative solution or experiment..


This semester I am TA-ing (Teaching Assistant) for Gediminas Urbonas in his Introduction to Visual Arts in ACT (Art, Culture & Technology) class. My role is to handle the logistics of the class, allowing teh faculty member and students to focus on the content of the course. It includes preparing discussions and Psets (assignments) at times, marketing and publicizing lectures, arranging training of students, and so much more. ACT is a pretty cool Department… the admin staff rocks! So, today was my first day TA-ing this class. I had to come early to prepare the class, which is held in the CUBE this semester. Today Debbie Douglas, a curator at the MIT Museum and Patricia Reed, artist/ philosopher.

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