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Cosmic Love

I love dancing. I find it such a beautiful art form. The spaces, the emotions, the concepts, I am really moved by dance, music and architecture. In fact, by thesis was on Music and Architecture. Last night I was watching one of my favorite dance programs and a couple performed a contemporary dance. The concept of the dance was that the girl is broken, she can’t stand on her own, she can’t move by herself and so the guy is her backbone, her spine, and she must trust him. They intertwine, relying on each other coming together to be one. It was a great piece, and danced wonderfully. She was fluid and he was strong. There were moments of quiet and softness, then explosive moments. The spaces, forms, movements, strength, femininity, masculinity, softness…it all worked!

I was moved to try capturing this performance on paper. The red lines are the motions that my mind, eyes, and hand captured of the young lady’s graceful movements. The black, of the young man’s movements through the piece. It is called cosmic love because that was the name of the song they danced to, sung by Florence + The Machine. I thank all artists for the emotions they bring to their work, it is such a powerful thing.