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One a Day (OAD)!

Choosing ONE Photo a Day can be a challenge. It requires special discipline. Sometimes you could barely find one photo, and other times, there are too many. Do I choose a photo that reminds me of a happy moment? Or one that shows the result of my hard work? Or of someone famous? Or of the way a particular object was captured? Or a special moment in time? Or do I choose a photo that has a good story attached to it?… How do I choose? I’ll have to figure something out.

In the meantime, should I post more than ONE photo, I will explain why I did. Deal?


Digitally Fabricated Sphere

After doing some reading this morning I had a meeting. After that I went to the Fab Lab to cut this sphere that my professor and I were working on last semester. We are testing another method that didn’t work too well last semester. The photo above is one I took of inside the structure of the sphere, without the surface cells. I think it’s very appealing. Digital Fabrication is a lot of work, but rewarding. Seeing something you’ve made, something materialized, is very powerful, and rewarding. Why does ‘making’ give us so much satisfaction? It’s a question that continues to poke at me and will in my continued research.
Why I choose this photo – It is a physical manifestation of hard work, proof of work.


MIT School Ring

My second photo is of my MIT GradRat (school ring). I decided to purchase one last semester. For me it is a symbol of achievement and of belonging to a community. My friend Jenine and I went to pick up our rings, and I was surprisingly excited by it! We grinned, and placed each other’s ring on the other one’s finger. I have no clue why, but it felt appropriate, as though we were acknowledging a job well done to the other. It was a great moment.
Why I choose this photo –  It symbolizes and gives me the feeling of accomplishment shared by my friend and I.

Have a great one!

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