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Thinking Insomniac

Thinking Insomniac in light

Last Thursday was my first time light painting (Painting with Light – my continued experiment), and last night I was at it again. Jumping up and down, running side to side, on and off furniture. Yikes! As my experimenting continues and grows, I will experiment with other tools, ideas, etc. It’s a work in process, one that I enjoy.

Design in light

Design in light

Live in Light

Live in Light

Love in Light

Love in Light


for Infinity

“Design in light, Live in Light, and Love in Light…for Infinity”

Explode with creation

Explode with creativity

“Explode with Creativity”

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Look out for my Visual Recipe tomorrow. Any suggestions on what you would like to see a Visual recipe on? Comment and let me know; send a link to the recipe if you can.

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