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thinking insomniac value versus volume

How does the VALUE of information you put out, compare with the VOLUME

Mies van der Rohe adopted the motto “Less is More” to describe designs being reduced to its necessary elements, its essentials, its most fundamental features. This came to my mind during my read of JP Rangaswami’s blog, confused of Calcutta. In his post he mentions “filters” in the information we share with others. Is the information (designs, tweets, posts) we share with others of value? Value is relative and can be informational, social, emotional, psychological, technical, economic, humorous, and so much more.

There are bloggers and tweeters I pay particular attention to because their information value is very high. Which means, when they speak (tweet, post), I listen. One of my closest friends Bob Massa never just “makes a post”. It takes him quite a while to compose a blog post, letter, even email reply. Why? Because he always makes sure what he says is EXACTLY what he wants to say in just the right amount of words. He believes in editing, editing, and when you think you are finished, editing some more. He believes in less is more.

In everything you do, try to always give a high value to volume ratio. As an architect and designer, I have seen many designs, both real and imagined that are filled with “fluff,” unnecessary elements and attachments that in no way strengthens the concept. Those elements and words become “noise.” High volume tweets (noise) does not mean high value information. Let’s strive to create work based on honesty and integrity, enriching persons along the way. I thank JP, Bob, and the many others who give information of a high value. I am always able to learn, laugh, and be informed.

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