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I Love Writing Numbers

So… I am back after some time away getting stuff done, spending some time thinking, and rethinking, etc.. My cousin – I think unknown to her – got me revving up again to post. She mentioned that my posts encouraged her to update her blog too. That along with my continued exploration into my passions, desires, and goals…made me decide to make the time to post . I may not be able to post daily due to my schedule, but I will sure try to post things that are meaningful

I love writing numbers, I do. I started a writing relationship with them in 1997 or so while working with a Surveyor named Fernando Lopez Barajas. I was fresh out of school (still in school actually) with such a big responsibility and he mentored me.  His surveying books were a work of art I thought (I should have them around.. need to look for them and show you). I loved the way he crafted his digits, and his meticulous nature with millimeters would often anger workmen on site, but impressed me. He was neat, and knew his craft, inside out. Fernando taught me meticulous techniques in surveying, the awesomeness of math, Spanish (I taught him English), he taught me how to make my craft..any of which I choose, to be delightful!

I play with numbers in my mind and with my hand. In my posts I will be including a quote/ text, the language of which will be numerical digits…try deciphering it… My post today is entitled 54 is greater than 34. What do you think that means?

thinkinginsomniac-54greater than 34

54 is greater than 34

By the way.. I just found Fernando’s surveying books… Stay tuned!

Thanks again for the encouragement to keep doing…you encourage others too.

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