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on the move bike shop

I arrived in New York a few days ago and am riding in NY for the first time. I borrowed my nephew’s bike and realized it needed some fixing (brakes, tires and a bell). Today I went in search of a bike shop to have these issues fixed. I went to two bikes shops who gave me a lead time of 7-14 days to get my bike fixed. WTH???!!!! Just to fix (or replace) some brakes?!!!! At this point I missed Cambridge, MA where these things would be fixed in minutes! I wondered, “Is it this difficult in NY?” While I was investigating other possibilities on my map, a guy with a beautiful rottweiler stopped and asked if I was looking for a bike shop. We both commented on the insane thought of 2 weeks to fix some brakes. He told me of another shop on Park Slope. We looked at the map and found the store. I called them and they told me to come by. No need to wait 2 weeks!

On the Move Bike Shop!


Inside On The Move

I entered the shop, told them I just called and wanted to get my brakes fixed, a bell and my chains greased/ oiled. They (Tony) took my bike and rolled it to the back. I was interested in other bikes too, so he brought me a catalog of bikes and showed me the ones they had in the store. There were some great bikes! Wayyyy lighter than the one I had! While checking out the bikes, from what seems like nowhere came this jet black kitty. He came towards me and of course I had to play with him. Spooky is his name! Spooky has size! and is wonderful to pet.




Great with customers… because all he wants is to be wubbed.. 🙂


“Why did you stop?!!”

So while playing with Spooky I saw a GIANT bike, the same type of bike I had in Cambridge.


Tony was so awesome he told me, “Take the bike, go for a spin with it. Let me know what you think.” What the what?!! How cool!! I went for a spin with the bicycle, and oh boy.. It was sooooo good! I came back all smiles and he said, “Feels different huh?!” I agreed. It rode so smoothly. When I came back my bike was finished. I paid for my stuff and then remembered I needed a helmet too so I bought one.

I thanked Tony and Camasero (I am probably wrong, will find out his name and fix) and left.


Tony (left) and C (right)!


Their business card


Tony, after telling me, “I look a mess!”

LOL. No you don’t Tony, you look awesome!


C was modeling for me. He is the bicycle superhero if you ask me.

I loved this shop because the service was great! They were so friendly… I felt like we knew each other for years. They also fix your stuff quickly. The shop had a constant rotation of people coming in and going out.

  • Service – Extremely good
  • Quality of work done – Very good
  • Cost – Reasonable

Keep up the great work guys and I look forward to seeing you and Spooky again!

Here’s a link to their site –


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Football in Brooklyn (post-Irene)

I did this sketch on the Sunday of Irene. Everyone was inside because of Irene and my brothers could not take it anymore. They all made calls and rallied their fellow footballers and got “a good sweat” going. After which they enjoyed this >>>. Thanks for a great weekend guys!

Abstract Architecture of the day:

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Creative Commons License
This work by Vernelle Noel is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.