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Last night I went to a presentation by award-winning filmmaker, Lucy Walker who participated in the Fall Lecture Series entitled “Zones of Emergency: Artistic Interventions – Creative Responses to Conflict & Crisis” at MIT’s Barton Theater. This was a remarkable presentation! Lucy was clear, and shared a lot with the audience; the respondent Claude Grunitzky, did […]

I finally got the chance to go purchase a few paint brushes at the art store… and painted some sketches that were just waiting to be “dressed.” Above is a drawing and painting of the MIT Chapel in Cambridge by Eero Saarinen. I did this sketch a couple days after arriving in Cambridge. The scale […]

Dr. Joy Johnson is deeply interested in the full stack of engineering electronics: from particles to products. An alum of North Carolina State University, and a graduate from MIT with her doctorate in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, Joy led mobile development at an MIT-founded music technology startup, AudioCommon. She currently works at Apple in their […]

Arthur Musah is a filmmaker from Ghana, Ukraine, and the United States. His first documentary NAIJA BETA premiered in 2016 at the Pan African International Film Festival in Cannes, and has won several other awards. He studied filmmaking in the MFA program at the University of Southern California as an Annenberg Fellow, and holds a bachelor’s and master’s […]

  Dr. Niaja Farve is a researcher, software developer and entrepreneur. A graduate from Morgan State University and MIT, Niaja pursued her studies in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. She is a software developer at a Startup, and the C.E.O of i-Trek, a non-profit that seeks to create outreach opportunities that steer students into Science, Technology, […]

A Tale of two WASPs by The Thinking Insomniac Is the sky really the limit? Your sky, is different from someone else’s sky. No two skies are exactly the same because no two pilots are exactly the same. This is the story of two pilots. For one, the sky was the limit, for the other, […]

Oh yes! A healthy, filling start to the day. I was busy indoors all day. Took this photo when I went outside later on for some fresh air. It looked like rain, but it blew over After work I went to training. I arrived early. Training was intense as hell today! There was absolutely no […]

The obligatory smoothie started my day today. I also added some yogurt to the mix. Today was a very productive day. Finished somethings on my to-do list. Reached the point of review of my paper, and chose to step away from it for a bit. At work I was testing and prototyping stuff again. This […]

Today was a busy one. I didn’t even remember or get the time to take photos until late in the day. Whew! On my way home, I was wondering what to eat for dinner. I was feeling for something smothered in something. I was feeling for fries and something comforting smothering it. A memory of […]

Today I worked away from home again, journeying to Arlene’s office, on Broad St. The weather was an absolute beauty today. Blue skies! I had to take a photo of the Trump Building. I was watching the news on his meeting with Paul Ryan before leaving the house. New York Stock Exchange building I like to […]