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I did this sketch while in Europe in 2005. I have no clue where I did it and what exactly it was… but I am almost sure, if memory recalls, I was on a bus or some mode of transport when I saw this. I didn’t know what it was (I still don’t know) but […]

Hi friends… I’ve been busy with work and experiencing all I can of Singapore.. Slow internet at home doesn’t help quick upload of photos either.. therefore my posts have been slower in coming…. Today my friend and I are heading out a bit.. We get off at this bus stop an walk a bit.. Many […]

London, I have arrived! It’s 7:30am (London time), and I have arrived!! The thought of meeting my cousin gives me the biggest and most uncontrollable grin ever! I’m soo excited! I haven’t seen her since May 2007 when she came to Washington, DC for my graduation… We have both been dwelling in different time zones […]

Above is a negative of a sketch I did in Bruges, Belgium during my Eurotrip in 2005. Abstract Architecture of the day: This work by Vernelle Noel is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

9” x 12” Strathmore sketchbook, ink pens, & Sharpies   This is a sketch of The Archbishop’s House in Port of Spain, Trinidad. This is the fourth sketch I have done thus far of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ (a series of mansions by the Queen’s Park Savannah). I started to color it, then stopped to scan […]

This is a sketch of a building in Strasbourg, France. The city is chiefly known for its sandstone Gothic Cathedral with its famous astronomical clock, and for its medieval cityscape of Rhineland black and white timber-framed buildings, particularly in the Petite-France district alongside the Ill and in the streets and squares surrounding the cathedral. Strasbourg […]

5” x 9.5” hand-made paper sketchbook, with ink pens I did this sketch in 2008 in India. It was my first trip to Udaipur… and all I could think of was, “Finally, meat and beer!” I was really craving burgers, and so were my friends. We craved alcohol, meat, french toast, pancakes… we were dribbling […]

In the summer months of 2005 the Arc de Triomphe was undergoing a facelift. This is a sketch of that restoration in progress with the scaffolding, staircases, construction barriers, etc. erected to perform the works. I found the juxtaposition noteworthy, memorable, timely, beautiful, and complimentary… the historic and the modern; the old and the new, […]

This is a sketch of City Hall, in Port of Spain, Trinidad which flanks the northern edge of Woodford Square. The building is of a modern style. Read below (and click the reference link) for some more information on my mentor Colin Laird, and modern architecture in Trinidad & Tobago. “THE MODERN ARCHITECTURE of Port […]

I did this sketch of the Wittgenstein House on Wednesday 1st June 2005 in Vienna, Austria; as noted in my diary from my Europe trip. My diary entry for this day says: “I got up at 0730 hrs and John and I went for breakfast together. We ran back to be here at 0900 hrs. […]