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Today was a rainy one. I spend most of my time indoors. :(. I love the photo that I took above.


Look at the sky.


I spent some time watching a marathon session of “The People’s Couch.” This show cracks me up!


I could not stand being at home any longer, so I went by my cousins. Again we would be inside, but at least it was a change of space.


I love the griminess, the life, the geometry, the color, and people in the NY subway. Taking photos of them are always fulfilling to me. The young lady walking toward me, look at her style! Such swag!


At my cousins we ordered food. I can’t remember the name of this place, but that sauce in that container on the upper right is pure heaven. It’s a ginger, mustard, and other stuff I can’t figure out just yet beauty.

Today, was a good one, but I need to get out tomorrow.

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