Daily notes and Sketches




All of the above are true. There are times when I have to be patient. I have to wait since some things are beyond my control. It would not be wise for example, for me to be impatient when it comes to teaching myself something new, or teaching another.

Then there are times when I need to be impatient. These moments are wake me up moments because they literally wake me up and push me to just get it done. Sometimes you just have to let that impatience fuel your drive to get things done. Better, faster, smarter, harder.

It’s also good to be aware when someone else’s impatience might be influencing you. This can be a positive influence or a negative influence. You either have to say, “Calm down. I have to proceed the way I am so that I don’t jeopardize it all.” Or, their impatience might be the fuel that pushes you to see the need and the importance for your work.

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