Here’s my work from yesterday.


Bouncing Ball

Here’s the code –


Nested Loop

Code –


Nested Loop – Random  function used for color


Nested Loop

Code –

In class yesterday we touched on functions and creating parametric objects with processing. This is no joke, describing a design (shape/ object) for a computer is pretty intense. You have to tell it EVERYTHING!

See the code for the parametized columns below –

vern7 vern6 vern5 vern4 vern3 vern2 vern1

I have been reflecting on why I feel so confused. Give me a pen, tell me to design something, and I can describe what I want and what I imagine. Give me a computer, and tell me to design something with code and my creativity goes out the window. Why is this? I am thinking aloud here… I think maybe it’s because I don’t know the vocabulary, the language that I have to work it. It’s like someone telling me to write a sentence in German. If I do not know what English words translate into, I will not be able to. If I do not know the ways to use those German words, I will also be lost. So.. I think I need to spend some time learning the “vocabulary” of Processing.

Ideally I want to be able to imagine something I want to do, then using the vocabulary, function, and methods of Processing, get it done. Currently, that is not happening. So tonight, I will spend some time learning some “vocabulary”, i.e. methods in Processing. The structure I will always be working on, and the way to write these things. Pseudocode maybe? No joke, this is taking a lot of time.

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