Sketch #1

So these are my sketches for tonight (Jan 26th). I am trying to understand and play with repetition using “for loops.” In Sketch #1, I did little lines of code using a “for loop” to repeat them.


Sketch #2

In this sketch I played with colors and another layer of lines


Sketch #3

In this sketch I changed the second layer of lines to ellipses().


Sketch #4


Sketch #5

In sketches #4 and #5 I was exploring nested loops, or a two-dimensional matrix (don’t quote me on this). I remember wrestling with these nested loops while doing Rhinoscript. I think this is the same here. A “for loop” in the x-direction and a “for loop” in the y-direction. For this two-dimensional matrix, a rectangle is drawn and filled. The fill () function is written as:

 fill((x+y) * 1.4);

Frankly I don’t quite understand how this works. I will try to find this out. It seems to be taking the color as numbers from the for loop and using the multiplier of 1.4, this changes the color value. Fill () takes a number value and I guess this is altering the number value in this way. Interesting.


Sketch #5

In Sketch #5, I tried to play with interaction with the mouse. Nothing impressive happened. I used a snippet from the code last night. So I was able to move the tip of the triangle, but nothing cool really happened, apart from the interaction of course. So! Here’s to my second night of processing Processing().

My friend Marc shared this super cool link of the super-cool, trippy stuff his friend does. See here –

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