The image above is my sketches of what I want to draw. Instead of dwelling in the fog of my mind, I was encouraged by Daniel to draw what I want to “sketch” using Processing. It’s just like my research… making the implicit, explicit. These are sketches and images of the codes that I wrote tonight. Step by step… incremental development.


Sketch #1

This sketch (#1) was pretty easy. Apart from the mistakes I made with the locations of the endpoints of my lines, it was an easy start.


Sketch #2

Also an easy start.


Sketch #3

I did a different sketch (static) before doing this one. I then played around with the “mouseX ()” and “mouseY ()” functions so the shapes created were dynamic and it was interactive – i.e via the mouse. Below are more shapes/ designs created with the same sketch. I wrote a few lines of code at the end of my draw code that would export the design generated by pressing the space bar.


Sketch #4


Sketch #5


Sketch #6

This was also a doable exercise. The main things I learned here was the order in which to write the fill commands so they fill the particular shape I wanted. I also learned the quad() function and used it for drawing my diamond shapes since the rect() function would not do it, at least based on my level of Processing knowledge right now. This felt good. 🙂

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