Bikini Bar – Sentosa Island, Singapore

Posted: July 31, 2014 in Food, Life, Singapore
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IMG_8991 sm

Now before I begin talking about Bikini Bar, I must show you one of my favorite spots and views on Sentosa Island, Singapore. My weekend spot. Now on to my review of Bikini Bar on the Siloso Beach walk, Sentosa.


The Bikini Bar is located on the beach.


 Entrance area of Bikini Bar. Waitresses are all clad in bikini tops.


The view…


The food – Potato wedges and a lime margarita. Both were good, especially the margarita in that HEAT of the Singapore sun. Whew!!


Lychee margarita


A close-up


Check the view in the background… Beautiful yeah?


Their spicy wings – really delicious! It’s my favorite thing to order there. A nice crisp on the outside, soft tender meat on the inside. The wings are filling.


Strawberry margarita


A close up


A Singapore Sling

I forgot to mention, in Singapore, alcoholic drinks are usually very, very weak (Singapour a friend of mine once said). Drinks are like juice, barely any taste of alcohol. Bikini Bar however is not like that. The alcoholic drinks, are actually alcoholic drinks. Thank you!!




Nicely garnished I would say..


More views – relaxing and beautiful! I would always wait for the sunset before leaving…


Bikini Bar is one of my favorite spots in Singapore. I thank Jason – who I think manages the spot – for always making sure his guests are well taken care of.

  1. Food – GREAT
  2. Service – Good
  3. Ambiance – GREAT
  4. View – FANTASTIC!! (anything else would be almost impossible)
  5. Music – GREAT!

Here’s a ink to the restaurant –

Have a great one!

Thinking Insomniac.



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