Yesterday I went to the 9/11 Memorial and museum in New York. Here are some photos of the memorial and the museum.



I’ve never seen the undressed skeleton of a Calatrava.. oh this looks fantastic! Like a beast of some sort!


Across from the memorial

TI_060314-027  A tribute to those who fell on that day

TI_060314-028 TI_060314-030

The memorial


I really love the form of this building


This waterfall and pool is REALLY, REALLY fantastic. I was in awe. The sound, it’s vast size, the questions, the scale, it is powerful.


The names of those who perished

TI_060314-037   TI_060314-038   TI_060314-047   TI_060314-048

Entry into the museum was just like that of passing through airport security. On the right are two columns from the original World Trade Center building


Here they tell in summary the events that happened on that day, i.e. the organized hijacking of planes from different locations and illustrate the flight paths of the planes.


The Foundation Wall – a slurry wall built to keep water from the river out of the building’s foundation.

TI_060314-058   TI_060314-064

Structural columns from where the first plane hit.

TI_060314-065   TI_060314-068

Projections of the “missing” posters placed by loved ones on the days following 9/11


Survivor’s stair

TI_060314-077   TI_060314-075

Heading down to the exhibit floor



Part of the communications antennae that was on top of the North Tower.


  The North Tower’s communications antennae


Fire Truck


Entry into the exhibition. Photography was not allowed so I will try to describe it the best I can.

The sequence of the exhibit matches the time sequence of that day starting at 8:46 am when the first plane hit the first tower. Videos, news footage, etc. capture those minutes. The exhibit has pieces of paper from the Towers (partially burned), identification badges of employees there, metro cards used on that day, and the top news stories of that day. On the walls are also quotes by persons on that day. There are areas where audio recordings of that day are played. Small areas with seats and how nice of them, tissues at the entry. I must point out, not every audio is the same. There are several different ones so don’t leave after viewing just one.

Survivors recounting that moment when the first plane hit, what it felt like, the debris, etc. They speak of their struggle to get out, seeing firemen coming up to help, almost knowing that this was bad and they might not get out. The events at the Pentagon and Flight 93 that crashed in Pennsylvania are exhibited. The audio exhibit of the voice messages left by those on Flight 93 tore my heart. One lady called her husband and said (voice message), “Tell my children I love them [..] I hope I see you again.. I love you baby (crying as she speaks).” That one just killed me and makes me tear up as I write this.

The words of the officers guiding people out of the lobby also stuck with me, “Don’t look up! Don’t look back! Just RUN!!!!”


    Another shot of the structural columns from the original WTC


You can see more on the memorial’s official website here – http://www.911memorial.org/

If you can make the trip, I suggest you visit the memorial.

Thinking Insomniac

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