On The Move Bike Shop in Brooklyn, NY

Posted: June 2, 2014 in Life
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on the move bike shop

I arrived in New York a few days ago and am riding in NY for the first time. I borrowed my nephew’s bike and realized it needed some fixing (brakes, tires and a bell). Today I went in search of a bike shop to have these issues fixed. I went to two bikes shops who gave me a lead time of 7-14 days to get my bike fixed. WTH???!!!! Just to fix (or replace) some brakes?!!!! At this point I missed Cambridge, MA where these things would be fixed in minutes! I wondered, “Is it this difficult in NY?” While I was investigating other possibilities on my map, a guy with a beautiful rottweiler stopped and asked if I was looking for a bike shop. We both commented on the insane thought of 2 weeks to fix some brakes. He told me of another shop on Park Slope. We looked at the map and found the store. I called them and they told me to come by. No need to wait 2 weeks!

On the Move Bike Shop!


Inside On The Move

I entered the shop, told them I just called and wanted to get my brakes fixed, a bell and my chains greased/ oiled. They (Tony) took my bike and rolled it to the back. I was interested in other bikes too, so he brought me a catalog of bikes and showed me the ones they had in the store. There were some great bikes! Wayyyy lighter than the one I had! While checking out the bikes, from what seems like nowhere came this jet black kitty. He came towards me and of course I had to play with him. Spooky is his name! Spooky has size! and is wonderful to pet.




Great with customers… because all he wants is to be wubbed.. 🙂


“Why did you stop?!!”

So while playing with Spooky I saw a GIANT bike, the same type of bike I had in Cambridge.


Tony was so awesome he told me, “Take the bike, go for a spin with it. Let me know what you think.” What the what?!! How cool!! I went for a spin with the bicycle, and oh boy.. It was sooooo good! I came back all smiles and he said, “Feels different huh?!” I agreed. It rode so smoothly. When I came back my bike was finished. I paid for my stuff and then remembered I needed a helmet too so I bought one.

I thanked Tony and Camasero (I am probably wrong, will find out his name and fix) and left.


Tony (left) and C (right)!


Their business card


Tony, after telling me, “I look a mess!”

LOL. No you don’t Tony, you look awesome!


C was modeling for me. He is the bicycle superhero if you ask me.

I loved this shop because the service was great! They were so friendly… I felt like we knew each other for years. They also fix your stuff quickly. The shop had a constant rotation of people coming in and going out.

  • Service – Extremely good
  • Quality of work done – Very good
  • Cost – Reasonable

Keep up the great work guys and I look forward to seeing you and Spooky again!

Here’s a link to their site – http://onthemovenyc.com/


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