Visual Journal (1 November 2011) & Leo

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Visual Journal-01 Nov 2011

I had a very nice day on Monday and thought I would share it with you. The best of the day was meeting Neil (correct name, Leo), one of the cutest little doggies I have ever met!

After the presentation by Lucy Walker on the way back to my building, I saw a lady and a guy calling “Neil!, Neil!”… I thought they were calling for a doggie (googie as Lozdogs says). I could not stop to help but I kept my eyes open and hoped they would find their loved doggie.  I went to the student center to get something to eat and as I walked in, I saw a guy sitting with a puppy. Anyone who knows me knows that I cannot see doggies and not attempt to play with them.  I stopped and asked to play with the little cutie and the guy asked me if I knew the dog. I was like “???” in my mind.. then I remembered the people calling for Neil. Bear in mind… where they were calling for Neil (Stata Center) is a ways from the Student Center.  Something clicked and I said, “Yes! That’s probably Neil!” I told the guy (Daniel) what happened on my way and we went over with little Neil in hand. Neil is a toy poodle I think… he could fit in a purse…

We walked back to Stata Center and found the lady hugging herself to keep herself warm looking for Neil… She was sooooooooo happy when she saw us bringing him.. She was emotional too and I totally understand… I took her contact info because she surely was in no state to remember anything… I emailed her later the night telling her how we wound up bringing Neil back to her, and how happy I was that all was well. Last night that lady (D) and Leo (the dog) surprised me with a wonderful gift of appreciation. She sent me an email which read in part,

“I would like to thank you SO MUCH for your help with finding Leo (his name is Leo not Neil). You have saved his life. Leo takes medications every 8 hours. If we didn’t find him, he would have soon started having breathing problems.”

Thank you so much D for your gift, and again, it was my pleasure! It got my doggie hugs. I will be by to give Leo a big hug soon!

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  1. Fergiemoto says:

    This is a cool idea. I wish I sketch out a journal like this, but I don’t have any drawing skills.

    • You do have drawing skills. Drawing is just one of many different means of communication, with a multitude of flavors. We all have drawing skills, and your drawing style is unique to you. Embrace it, develop it, and share it. I love your work by the way!

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