Burr Gymnasium – Howard University, Washington, DC

Posted: August 17, 2011 in 365 in 365 days, Architecture & Urban Sketches, Change the World, USA
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Burr Gymnasium, Howard University, Washington, DC, thinking insomniac, vernelle noel, architecture, design, drawing, sketch, art

Burr Gymnasium - Howard University, Washington, DC

This is a drawing I did 8 years ago (2003) of Burr Gymnasium, Howard University, Washington, DC. Burr Gym was my second home… my first was the studio. It was the place for basketball games and where we (Howard University Taekwondo Club) would train for hours. Dr. Dong Ja Yang, Master Sumorry Alpha, and Master Mark Baker… three men who were, and are committed to taekwondo. Many nights we left the gym drenched from head to toe, determined to improve, to be better. Better techniques, strategies, endurance, and health. This serves us even today… Many, if not all of us continue to be driven to work hard, to excel, to manage our time wisely, to teach and help others along the way. We trained together, supported each other, and had fun together. Howard University has produced about 25 percent of all American athletes competing in international Tae Kwon Do competitions. Three cheers to my fellow HU Alumni, especially to my taekwondo family (JM, TP, EB, and BJ).

In 1964, Justement, Elam, Callmer, and Kidd, a Washington, D.C. based architectural firm, led the construction of the Burr gym in honor of John Harold Burr Jr. Article on HU Taekwondo >>>

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