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Queens Royal College, Trinidad

9” x 12” Strathmore sketchbook, ink pens, & Sharpies

This is a sketch of “The Main Block” of Queen’s Royal College (QRC) in Trinidad. This is one of four sketches I did on Tuesday. QRC is a bastion of secondary education for boys in Trinidad. The Main Block is so called because it was the first structure on the site, complete with a double row of broad galleries, clock-tower and chiming clock. It is one of the architectural “jewels in the crown” of Port of Spain; one of the ‘Magnificent Seven,’ which is a series of mansions by the Queen’s Park Savannah. These were built to flaunt the wealth of the early 20th-century cocoa barons and other notables, all dating from 1904.

QRC, vernelle noel, thnking insomniac


QRC, thinking insomniac, vernelle noel


In my sketch, if you look carefully you will notice that the left and right facades at the ends are different. See photos above. I do not know how they ended up being different, but I find the quirk quite attractive, and very interesting. I would love to know about this. Previous Post on the QRC Clock Tower >>

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