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Museum of Port of Spain, Trinidad, thinking insomniac, vernelle noel, architecture

Museum of Port of Spain, Trinidad

6” x 8.5” Pen, ink,  and Sharpie in Ryman sketchbook

This is a sketch of the Museum of the City of Port of Spain (not to be confused with the National Museum). It’s located on the corner of South Quay and Frederick Street. I have never been in it, but it always catches my attention. Its simplicity, galleries, the rhythm of the slender posts and balustrades, the punched openings, the roof… I like this building very much. The lower floor appears as a strong form, a rectangular bar with punched openings… The four smaller openings mirror each other on either side of the building, but the facade is asymmetrical. The slender posts extending from the ground to the roof creates a lovely rhythm matching the openings in the walls, balustrades, and the roof. It feels light…shading, cooling and covering the heavier, thicker walls below. A fantastic example of Caribbean architecture.

Abstract Architecture for the day:

things happen for a reason, thinking insomniac, vernelle noel, architect, illustration, abstract architecture

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