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Diu Fort, India

This is a sketch of the Diu Fort in India. I drew this from a photograph taken by myself when I went there from Ahmedabad in August 2009. I was standing on an upper area of the Fort looking back at the entrance. From the Fort you can see all around; talk about a winning vantage point. No wonder Diu remained in the possession of the Portuguese until 1961. They could see you coming MILES away..

The state of Gujarat in which I lived was a dry state like I mentioned before, and Diu was the closest “wet” place to go. When I say closest… the drive from Ahmedabad to Diu was about 7-8 hours long. I went there on two different occasions, and always had lots of fun. The island is pretty small and can be seen by scooter in a couple of days. My friends and I would rent scooters and ride throughout the entire island. We saw and met friendly locals, and foreigners. Everyone having a great time. My friend Alex (for some reason) had a strong desire to hold a wild pig in a headlock while there, and pin it for 5-10 seconds. I don’t know why… My friend Bob would always warn him, “I’m telling you… those pigs are gonna kick your a$$! They’re gonna scratch and bite the sh*t out of you!” Man, so much laughter… Alex never got the opportunity to get beaten by a pig though… I was more than ready with camera in hand to catch the debacle… the beat down of Alex by this pig.

On one of our rides we were driving around not caring about getting lost because the island is small. We came upon a fork in the road. Go left or right… Unsure of which road to choose I asked the men around which way it was back into the city. He told me, “Go right, the other way is to Gujarat… the people aren’t too nice there..” My friends and I laughed, thanked him and rode off… as we said to each other, “Dude! We live in Gujarat!”… LOL

Our days consisted of a wonderful meals, drinks, riding with the wind in our faces, relaxing on the beach, sea-bathing, sight-seeing, and scooter-racing. We raced in the day and late into the nights… It’s a wonderful place to go. I discovered Old Monk in Diu; it’s a velvet smooth dark rum with a hint of vanilla. Mmmm… really good… lovely aroma. I miss it all! If you can, DO DIU!

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Diu Fort

The Fort of Diu occupies a prominent position. It is an expansive and imposing structure, situated on the coast of the island. The fort commands a magnificent view of sea. It was constructed between 1535 and 1541 AD. The fort is skirted by the Sea on the three sides. On the fort stands a giant Light House. Several canons still stare menacingly from top. The main front wall is having five huge windows with stone galleries. The Fort has been creatively lit, which creates a breath taking views at night. Rugged yet gentle, fierce yet loving. The majestic structure stands on the coast of DIU as a sentinel. Once inside, you are overwhelmed by the gaunt majesty of the ancient stone work which transports you to a bygone era of gallant soldiers where time stands still.


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