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Visual Recipe - Cheddar Biscuits

Today’s Visual Recipe is Cheddar Biscuits courtesy These biscuits bring warm & fuzzies, and great longing for Red Lobster to me (excuse me while I lick my lips). My friends and I would go to Red Lobster in Silver Spring, Maryland every now and again. Just enough to keep it fresh in our minds, and just enough to dribble at the thought of it. Their biscuits have a large following of mouth-watering enthusiasts. A journey to have these cheese biscuits is worth it. I want you to picture this with me…

Walking through a cold winter evening, rubbing your hands together trying to create all the heat your extremities will allow. Necks bundled in scarfs, with warm clouds of breaths visible all around. Cold winds howling as leaves scamper by. Your walk is determined because you already know what you want tonight… you have been longing for it for days. As you get closer to the restaurant, your stomach gets more and more eager at the mere thought of its destination. You arrive, and you sit at your table, awaiting your basket of scrumptiousness. With every waiter and basket that passes by, you are excited, hoping that its for you. But look… she IS coming to your table. She puts the basket on your table with such haste… not realizing that it contains such precious gems. If it were you, you would place them gently, respectfully, and with a moment of silence because these biscuits speak when they arrive at your table… They whisper…”I’m all yours… I was waiting for you… like you were for me.” Picking it up you inhale its aroma, feel the inner softness between your fingertips, and your palate is excited! You waste no more time and you enjoy this explosion, this dance between your tongue and this creation…. Mmmmmm………

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