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Waiting to board the Watertaxis in San Fernando,Trinidad

5” x 8.25” ink pens, in Moleskine sketchbook

As you know I LOVE boats. I did this sketch while waiting in the San Fernando terminal to board the water taxi heading to Port of Spain. I went to the southern part of the country (Princes Town), and on my way back up north, decided to saunter through the city to take some photos and do some sketches. The boat on the left is named “Carnival Runner” and on the right, “Calypso Sprinter.” The facilities are nice, and the boats are awesome. It was my first time. My plan was to stay awake and enjoy the sights, but I woke up 5 minutes from Port of Spain with that plan in the same spot in my mind. I had a quiet, peaceful, and energizing nap… smooth sailings!

thinking insomniac, vernelle noel

Watertaxi ticket

I love the fact that we get to experience the water via the water taxis. I wish I got a stronger sense that I was on an island while in the city of Port of Spain. It is one of my main disappointments… how cut off from the water I feel. This is what I loved about Barbados… I felt like I was on an island. The water taxis affords us this gift of being on the water, using that which we were given. I sketch boats, yachts, etc. from time to time… some are of real boats, others are of ideas that come to my mind. I did more yesterday… Click here to see them >>>

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