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Visual Recipe - Cou Cou

Today’s Visual Recipe is Cou Cou, courtesy This week my blog focused on Barbados and cou cou and flying fish is the national dish of Barbados.  It is also a traditional dish in Trinidad and Tobago. I grew up eating cou cou, callaloo and stewed fish a lot at my grandmother’s. And when there was left over, she would fry it so I could have it as chips (cou cou fries) with ketchup. Yummm!! Grandmothers are the best things ever!

I love cou cou and encourage you to try it. If you are in Barbados have it with a Banks Beer. But the sauce is the icing on the cou cou cake I think. I love a lot of gravy on my food, so I drench my cou cou in fish sauce.. Slurp! If you do try it, let me know how it came out..

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