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Main Building of Codrington College, Barbados

This is a sketch of one of the oldest educational institutions in the Caribbean, Codrington College in St. James Parish,  Barbados. It was founded by Christopher Codrington in the early 18th century. The main building was largely finished in the 18th century. It was gutted by fire in 1926, but its main lines survive, reminding us of the contemporary collegiate buildings in England at Oxford and Cambridge. In his 1710 will, Christopher Codrington III, once governor general of the island, left £10,000 for founding this school, which was to promote the study of religion and medicine. The Principal’s Lodge, its most historically significant building, was built before 1700. Approached through an avenue of Sabal palms, the building has a restrained Italian Renaissance–style balustraded parapet and porch.

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Historic Architecture of the Caribbean by David Buisseret

Historic Architecture in the Caribbean Islands by Edward E. Crain

codrington_college-drawings, barbados, thinking insomniac, vernelle noel

Floor Plan & Elevations of Codrington College in Barbados

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