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Steppa's studio in Barbados

This week I will be posting some of the sketches I did while in the BEAUTIFUL island of Barbados, so look out for them.  I did the sketch above the Friday morning after getting in on Thursday night. On Thursday night I stayed outside on the hotel porch until 5am. I could not stop listening to the waves. If this is what heaven sounds like… it is a wonderful thing. I  sat on a chair and… listened. Enjoying every swish, every crash, every boojoong, every howl and hiss of the wind. By a few minutes after 5am, I decided I should get some shut-eye if I wanted to be perky later on. I left my balcony door open and slept on the couch in the living room… I could NOT let these waves have all the fun without me. So my waves and I went to sleep together.

Later on my friend Malika picked me up and carried me to the studio where she was working on her songs for this year. She is an extremely talented singer, with a great voice. I met great guys like Steppa, Tito, and Frank. What a bunch!! I laughed so much… Frank was golden! He lost it when someone bought him not just vanilla milk (which he dislikes), but VERY vanilla milk. I was rolling laughing. I want to thank Malika, Steppa, Tito, and Frank for such a great time. Keep up the great work guys, and see you soon. Have a great Crop Over!

Click here for photos from Barbados on Flickr.

I also want to say Happy 2nd Anniversary to

Architecture Caribbean

Keep up the great work!

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