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Bowen-Marine in Chaguaramas, Trinidad

I am still in Barbados… Today is the day of finals. My team got knocked out yesterday afternoon…was a great game though. After the game, the ole talk and recaps we went down to the beach. It was my first time going into the sea at night…actually bathing I mean. It always seemed scary to me… like JAWS. But it was awesome…warm waters, moon glistening off of the water…the sounds of the waves… Could this be any better?!! Well after that we went into the pool – the water was soooo warm. And from talk to talk to laughter…to game recaps all being down while wading, relaxing, sitting and so much more. After that I went and took a nap because we had to go out later. Everyone was pooped (tired) but didn’t want to stay in…so they snuck a nap in where they could. One of my brothers had me cracking up he was so tired, but so determined. My other brother held down the fort and stayed in, he was just too tired… but the remaining 11 of us headed out.

We left the hotel after midnight and headed down to St. Lawrence Gap! We hung out at Mc Bride’s…man that place was sweltering, but the DJ was great. From Katie Perry to Machel Montano to Biggie Smalls… Pop to reggae to soca to …. wonderful! They closed at 3am, we hunted around for stuff to eat then went back to the hotel. The other crew also just came in from where they went and the stories I tell you… LMAO.. These guys are the funniest ever! I decided to take a dip in the pool… After which I showered, hung out a bit more, then went to bed… All of this to explain why I am posting so late… 😉

Have a fantastic Monday!!

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