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View from the Hotel Tiger in Udaipur, India

5” x 9.5” hand-made paper sketchbook, with ink pens

I did this sketch in 2008 in India. It was my first trip to Udaipur… and all I could think of was, “Finally, meat and beer!” I was really craving burgers, and so were my friends. We craved alcohol, meat, french toast, pancakes… we were dribbling before we got there. My email to my friends and family recounting that day is pasted below:

Friday 15th August 2008 – UDAIPUR

 So we packed up our stuff, met the driver downstairs, loaded our stuff and bounce de starter to Udaipur. I think it’s a 4 hr. drive, I kinda fell asleep on the way. But it was kinda hard to fall asleep bcs every 30 seconds is horn! Geez an ages!! Only horn..horn horn horn.. I couldn’t really sleep, but I did get a rest. On the way everybody and deh brudder was going home bcs is buses and people like crazy! See de pics, you will see people on and in de buses. So we reach Udaipur, checked in our hotels, and headed back out. We went to the rooftop of the Tiger Hotel for lunch. I had onion chicken with chapattis. Chicken never tasted so good! By the way, we outta Gujarat. Udaipur is in Rajasthan. So meat and alcohol was legal again. So I had onion chicken like I said, with some orange juice. It was delish! After eating, I took pics on the rooftop…just amazed by the place and what I was seeing, we proceeded down to Lake Pichola and the Lak Palace Hotel.

Udaipur is known for its art, jewelery and craft. Lots of leather, leather sketch books, shoes, sandals, silver jewelery, saris, etc. On the way to Lake Palace we would meet people, I met a little boy (can’t remember his name now) and he walked with me all the way and was telling me about Udaipur, etc. He was 9 yrs old. He is in the pics too. Across from City Palace by Lake Palace I was dumbfounded..I couldn’t believe this was India, it felt European! We took pics and walked, passed the cows who were just chilling on the bridge, etc. After that we went to a temple at the junction, then went home to freshen up and reconvene for dinner. On the way home we saw monkeys (mommies/ daddies and babies). You will see in pics. We went to Savage Garden for dinner. By the way, before I forget, the ice creams in India are some of the best. They are creamy and rich. I think it’s because of the milk they use. For dinner I had bruschetta for starters and some kinda thing for dinner. They were both good. I had vanilla ice cream for desert…mmmmm finger licking, spoon licking good. After we went home, I watched some Bollywood on tv until I fell asleep.

udaipur, india, thinking insomniac, vernelle noel, architecture

View from Tiger Hotel across Lake Pichola to Lake Pichola Hotel

Read a little history about Udaipur below:

Udaipur is in the state of Rajasthan, latitude: 27.42°N, longitude: 75.33°E, covering over 37 sq. km and 577 m above sea level. It is on the banks of the River Ayad, in a valley surrounded by the Aravalli hills, near Lake Pichola. A series of canals connect several artificial lakes in Udaipur leading to it being called ‘the Venice of the East’. The lakes surround imperial palaces, built in the seventeenth century of marble and sandstone, and lend the status of heritage city to Udaipur – with a legacy of 500 years of architecture, culture and natural beauty. The capital of Mewar State, Udaipur, takes its name from Maharana Udai Singh, who founded the city in 1568 after retreating from the third attack on the city of Chittaur by the armies of the Mughal Emperor Akbar. It is likely that the strategic advantages of the surrounding terrain influenced his decision.

Sustainable Development and Systems Thinking: a Case Study of a Heritage City by Pramod Paliwal

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