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Visual Recipe - Creativity

Today’s Visual Recipe is for Creativity, courtesy  I found this post via an open sketchbook. I found the list to be a very nice one. His suggestions are in blue… I also added a few of mine which are written in RED. To his great list I would add:

  • Visit Museums
  • Love
  • Always carry around a pen or pencil to write or sketch as you see things, or as ideas pop in your head
  • Be curious… curiosity may have killed the cat, but a lack of it kills innovation
  • Laugh… a hearty laugh does a lot for us and those around us
  • Look and smell… sharpen your senses
  • Take time out for quiet…to refocus
  • Spend time in nature… it teaches us
  • Color
  • Dark… quiet time in the dark sometimes helps me hone in on something I need to

Creativity can be found anywhere and in doing almost anything. I am fascinated almost everyday by the creative things people do with things that are almost invisible. If you haven’t read “How to be Creative” by Hugh MacLeod as yet, please read it now.

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29 Ways to Stay Creative


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