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Treasury Building - Port of Spain, Trinidad

Yesterday I went down to Port of Spain to meet a friend, and while waiting I was able to sneak in 3 sketches in about 30 minutes. It felt great to get some sketching done! The sketch above is of the Treasury Building in Port of Spain, Trinidad. The front of the building stretches a city block, and quite beautifully might I add. The building is constructed of stone and its base is a shiny black stone (like granite).

The Treasury Building
Today, the site on which the Treasury Building stands hosts divisions of the Ministry of Finance, but it has borne witness to many important events in Trinidad and Tobago’s history. On August 1, 1834, thousands of slaves stormed into Port of Spain and gathered in front of the site to protest being given “apprentice” status, rather than freedom from slavery. Known as Government House – which occupied the upper floor – the building was home to the old Treasury and Rum Bond. Four years later, in 1838, at this same location, the Emancipation Proclamation, announcing the beginning of the end of slavery, was read. In 1966 the building became the first home of the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago. In 1985, crowds once again returned to the front of the Treasury building on August 1, but this time to commemorate Emancipation Day, as a national holiday.

Reference: The Tourism Development Company

I found this old photo (not sure from what year) on the NALIS website. The Brian Lara Promenade now fronts the Treasury Building… Look at cars!!! The Promenade (a tree-lined park) now runs the width of the city center, complimenting Port of Spain by adding a relaxed laid-back flavor to the bustling streets of the city (see photo here>>). I also found this pretty cool blog: The Caribbean History Archives.

Treasury Building, Port of Spain, Trinidad

Treasury Building - Port of Spain, Trinidad (Photo courtesy NALIS)

Another photo here >>

Have a great day!

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