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Happy Mother's Day


Whenever I think of mothers, I think of shoes. The clickitty-clack of women shoes. I have happy memories of the sights and sounds of those shoes. I have vivid images of my grandmother’s shoes, my mother’s shoes, and my aunts’ shoes in my mind. The sounds of my aunts’ heels walking up the steps when they came home from work. I would be waiting to hear the gate clang , then run to the stair to greet them. Clickitty Clack…clickitty clack their heels on the steps along with their smiles were enough to make me grin. My grandmother always wore (still wears) very simple, neat and always clean shoes. When I think of my grandmother’s shoes I think of a simple, loving, helpful, and always kind woman. When I think of my aunts’ shoes, I think of loving, smiling, hard working, feminine, jovial, playful, smart and funny ladies. When I think of my mother’s shoes I think of a woman who has worked hard, who is determined, helpful, strong…yet vulnerable, a woman who tries her best, and gives her best.

To all the mothers, expectant mothers, and yet to be mothers out there… Thank you for making good impressions on our lives and the lives of others. Every shoe can tell a story… of endurance, glamour, effort, care, love, appreciation, sadness… listen, and look at them…remember them.

Happy Mother’s Day

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