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Architecture & Urban Sketch - Place...unknown

9” x 12” Pen, ink,  and Sharpie, in Strathmore sketchbook

Last night I felt the need to sketch this. Why I do not know… but it was in my mind. It is not a real place…just a figment of my imagination. I have been looking at mixed-use developments within the past few days, maybe that probably influenced it…along with my travels.

The capital city of Port of Spain in Trinidad worries me. The city feels tired, and looks bombed. The Lighthouse – Frederick Street axis should be the pièce de résistance of Port of Spain. Instead it houses unsightly and demolished buildings, and empty lots from Broadway to Independence Square. The streetscape is non-existent.

Then there is the corner of Frederick St. and Independence Square with the demolished Salvatori Building Block at its entrance. What an eye-sore! I consider the north-south axis of Frederick St. and the east-west axis of the Brian Lara Promenade (designed by Colin Laird) two of the most powerful axes in Port of Spain. The history, architecture, culture, and aspirations of the city and its citizens, should be evident here. But presently, I don’t feel it.

Brian Lara Promenade, vernele noel, thinking insomniac, colin laird

Brian Lara Promenade - Port of Spain, Trinidad

Port of Spain should be alive at night with a night-time population to act as guardian. In the Port of Spain of old merchants lived above their stores, and houses sat side by side with warehouses. An advantage of this was that the city was always occupied, day and night. Families and merchants would gather on their doorsteps and balconies for chats, and discussions. This was an important part of the social aspect of the city. This needs to be brought back. We have a multitude of commercial buildings, which are alone and quiet after everyone has gone home; leaving the city alone and quiet.

I look forward to a city of life 24/7, housing, environmental improvements, pedestrianization, social infrastructure redevelopment, culturally sensitive architecture, and delightful urban spaces. I want that, and I hope to contribute or be part of its development…our city needs it.

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Have a great week everyone!

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