Elz, LS, dog

Elz on the very first day I met him

My post today goes out to one of my best friends (a dog) LS who died suddenly yesterday morning. LS, aka Tiger aka Elz… or “A-lay-way-lay” when we would play, was very special. I met him for the first time in 2009 when I came home to Trinidad for a short stay. Where this dog came from I do not know, but I instantly liked him. He would come to my house, I would feed him and we would play. I returned toIndia and when I came back to Trinidad later that year, we met again. He was my dog; not legally, but he was.

He was so obedient, so calm, so balanced like Cesar Milan would say. Great with kids, my friends, family, and everyone in the neighborhood knew him for being a great dog. He would walk persons for transportation on mornings, and he would walk me back home at night if he saw me. Many times, I would try hiding from him so that he would not walk me out, for fear of vehicles, but he was way too smart for that.

Elz made his entry into my friend’s life before I knew him. Her husband got a stroke and from then on LS for some reason left his home next door and would stay at her house. They tried to remove him but he just kept coming back, until one day she decided you know what…maybe he’s here for a reason. If he wants to stay, let him stay. And he did.

ls, elz, a-lay-way-lay, tiger,

Elz - You asked for little yet gave so much

His owner was away for a month or more, and he would come to my home everyday for his food. He had his own bowl, place to sleep, and water dish. I fed him, bathed him, took care of him when we was injured or ill… I really loved him. This is how smart he was. He would come to my gate and if I wasn’t outside to see him, he would go to the neighbor’s gate. Why? Because their dog Scrappy (Skeedie Weedie to me) would begin barking (he didn’t like me having Elz over as it meant his hugs and kisses were now shared). When I heard Skeedy’s barking in that tone, I knew Elz was there. He would then saunter to my gate, dancing, and smiling with his sweet little self.

Saturday was extremely hot and as I was going out, I stopped in by my friend. Elz was there and left to walk with me. The road surface was also very hot but Elz was determined to walk me. I smiled as I looked at him tip toe-ing gingerly across the hot road. My neighbours knew him so well that they would open my gate to let him into my yeard, or call me to tell me, “LS outside.”

He walked my mom out yesterday morning and she too was distraught when she got the news. The entire neighborhood will be shocked. He was a very smart dog, amazingly smart. Everyone knows of “this little brown and white dog.” He was everyone’s friend. I was with him until he closed his eyes. My friend, her husband and I tried to help him but it was just too late. Times like this I really wonder about humans and who the real animals are. Elz, I just wanted to thank you for all the laughs and smiles you brought to my days.  It will be difficult not having you walk me this morning…very difficult. I miss you running toward me with that big doggie grin for your morning play. I will miss looking down the street for you when I get home at night. I will miss you terribly, but you have stored up treasures wherever you are. Love you, miss you, and thank you so much again. There will never be another like you. In the meantime, I will keep your water dish filled, your bowl ready, my gate open, and my arms wide open just in case we are blessed to be found by another dog like you.

Dedicated to all the wonderful Googies in this world.

Elz (200? – 17 April 2011)

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