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University of the West Indies, Trinidad

This is a sketch I did of the courtyard in front of the Main Library at the University of the West Indies in St. Augustine, Trinidad. I also have it on the Thinking Insomniac Architecture & Urban Sketches Calendar.

The Main Library and many other buildings on the Campus are of a Brutalist Architecture. Brutalist Architecture highlights the raw surfaces of the actual materials of construction, rather than any applied finish. Its trademark is that of uncovered, grey concrete as in the Main Library Building.  Architecture is created out of a series of statements on  materials, their articulation, their connections, and how they stand up. Buildings can be covered up – hiding how it is put together, or revealed – showing how it is put together. Brutalist architecture underlines the identifiable origins of materials, accentuates undisguised edges, and highlights the natural state.

Reference: Walls Have Feelings: Architecture, Film, and the City by Katherine Shonfield

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