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Visual Recipe - Gulab Jamun

Today’s Visual Recipe is Gulab Jamun, courtesy Gulab Jamun is a popular dessert in countries of the Indian Subcontinent. The term gulab jamun comes from Persian, gulab, “rose” referring to the rosewater-scented syrup, and Hindustani jamun (Wikipedia).

In Trinidad we have gulab jamun which is quite different from the gulab jamun in India. Today I will highlight the gulab jamun from India. Sweets are a big thing in India; they are given as gifts during religious and other celebrations such as weddings, thank you tokens, and just a snack. Everyone has sweets at home. When I say sweets, I do not mean candy, I mean sweet desserts. I grew up eating the Trini version of gulab jamun and when I got to India and saw gulab jamun that looked very different I had to have it.

My housemates LOVED sweets. We never went out without returning with sweets for the home, after having a few along the way. The soft, moist little balls which are so succulent from soaking in that tasty syrup are a hit. I enjoy eating gulab jamun warm, with ice cream. The warm and cold serves for an explosion of flavors, textures, tastes, and pure pleasure on your tongue. Some of my favorite restaurants for gulab jamun in Ahmedabad are Rajwadu, Mirch Masala, Curries, and The Chocolatery.

Note: For some gulab jamun recipes, some use flour and others use pancake mix. My housemate and I tried the pancake mix, and it was just as good.

This weekend is Holi (Phagwa), and I would like to wish all a great Holi! Shubh Holi and have fun!!!


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