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Gateway to India - Mumbai

Above is a sketch of the Gateway to India (right) and the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower (left) in Mumbai, India. This was my view on returning from the Elephanta Caves via ferry. The Taj Hotel precedes the Gateway by over 20 years.

I went to Mumbai on the 21st of November in 2008 for a wedding celebration. My friends and I left Mumbai the following Sunday night, and the fatal Mumbai bombings occurred the Wednesday. Believe me when I tell you, every place we went, and spent time at, was bombed. The Leopold Cafe, was the first place I sat in Mumbai and had a beer legally. I say legally because the state of Gujarat in which I lived was a dry State. That was the one of the first sites to be bombed. I often think of the young man I bought a set of really cool binoculars from outside the cafe, and wonder what happened to him. I hope he’s fine.

I was in my bed the Wednesday day when my cousin called me, “Whey yuh?!” With my groggy voice I answered that I was in bed. He then told me of the bombings that were occurring in Mumbai as we spoke, much to my amazement. Life and its surprises. Appreciate every minute because “poof” and it can be drastically changed.

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