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Visual Recipe - Corn Soup

Today’s Visual Recipe is Corn Soup, courtesy It is now the Carnival Season in Trinidad and Tobago, with Monday and Tuesday the BIG days (more so on Tuesday). Corn soup is a real “lime” food. A “lime” to Trinis mean to hang out, or veg, or relax with your friends. So when you “liming” (pronounced lime-ing) this Carnival… be sure to get some corn soup. The Queens’ Park Savannah is going to have many vendors selling their style or different signatures of corn soup. They usually give it you in a styrotex cup. Careful…doh burn yuhself. It does be HOT! (went to my Trini tongue there).  So while you crossing the stage, chippin’ and winin’ with your corn soup in hand, remember how great life is and just ENJOY!!! Mmmmm…Delish! To those who are not able to come to Carnival this year…see you next year!!!


Carnival 2010, architecture caribbean

Carnival 2010

Carnival 2010

Carnival 2010

Carnival 2010

Photos courtesy: Architecture Caribbean

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